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Sorry, I'm laughing to hard to post a real comment.  I love this!

Funny meme of a spacebar of a white computer keyboard that someone wrote over with a sharpie that it is The Final Frontier, a reference to Star Trek.

God it's horrible that I can't stop myself from wanting to fix the one green m&m that's mingled with the blue one's

OCD’s worst nightmare…

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Funny OCD Eat First that's me color order! They aren't even in rainbow order OMG!

this guy was the boss.

Theodore Roosevelt, riding a moose, Really? Teddy Roosevelt is one of the most interesting people to hold the office of president.

jobs, hiring, belike

When a job says they want someone with “experience”: 19 Pictures That Sum Up How Absolutely Ridiculous It Is Finding A Job

A funny little read. Got to love living in Australia. - it's still a spider as big as your goddamned HAND!!!

Funny pictures about The only thing in Australia that won't kill you. Oh, and cool pics about The only thing in Australia that won't kill you. Also, The only thing in Australia that won't kill you.

Walker, Texas Ranger!

Everyone loves a good Chuck Norris meme. -- Chuck Norris was born on May Nazi Germany surrendered on May Coincidence?


Best cosplay ever

Funny pictures about Tube Man Cosplay. Oh, and cool pics about Tube Man Cosplay. Also, Tube Man Cosplay.

I need one of my friends to run a marathon so I can make these signs

'My friends were trying to motivate me during a half marathon. I think they did a good job.' 'Worst parade ever' HA!


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