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Layered Shades with Continuous-Loop Lift: Marconi, Lavender, 4643

Clean, crisp, and just the right about of light. Pictured are new @baliblinds Layered Shades with Continuous-Loop Lift. Find them in the Trimaran collection, color: Doily 4704.

Bali Blinds Layered Shades give you ultimate control over the light. Make things even more simple with motorized control—you won't even have to get out of bed! #LayeredShades #Bedroom

Color can connect your room with a mood. Use your artist's eye to pick from our layered shades palette and create a feeling that you love. @BaliBlinds Layered Shades

Style your space with Layered Shades. Pictured #LivingRoom has @baliblinds Layered Shades with Continous-Loop Lift from the Aloft collection in color Bark 4543.

Drama's not just for actors and actresses. Bring some silver screen glamour into your home with layered shades that sparkle. @baliblinds #LayeredShades #LivingRoom

Update the whole room with new Layered Shades from @baliblinds. Pictured shades are from our Marconi collection in Blue Steel color 4645. These shades work well with motorized lift and Back Tab Drapery. #LayeredShades #Bedroom

Light and Style! Sunlight that's softened to your satisfaction with new Layered Shades from @baliblinds #LayeredShades #LivingRoom

Breathe light into your home with @baliblinds Layered Shades. Try them in a white tone like Doily 4704 from the Trimaran collection. #LayeredShades

When you need to block a lot of light and glare, a room-darkening fabric is your best bet. Pair our room-darkening fabric, Martingale, with drapery for style that keeps the sun at bay. @baliblinds #LayeredShades #Office