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  • Steffanie Kaestner

    self portrait :) But really, this is a great idea. Give the kid a camera. See what they take pictures of.

  • Cassandra Silvasi

    Yes, adorable little boy, that is how you use a camera.

  • Morgan Goodwin

    this is pretty much what it looks like when i try a self portrait #self #portrait #selfportrait #selfie #photography

  • Addie J

    ADORABLES 40 Great examples taking Excellent Children Photography

  • Ruby Hendry

    I love to see what little kids do with cameras! I used to let my little baby cousins click the flash open and closed, open and closed...

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Pinner says:The face of the 7th century....... What a precious beautiful child. NOTE. Now the toddlers have to wear Burkas also so they will not tempt the men sexually.****Where in the Quran or Sunnah does it say women are denied education? It doesn't! The Taliban do not follow Islam. Burqa's are not a requirement of Islam, it is not Islam forcing burqa's, that would be egotistical men. For the record, the child in the picture, isn't wearing a burqa.


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