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mmmm nougat. Make your own Big Hunk!!! MY FAVORITE CANDY! I hope this is for reals!

Torrone Recipe source: dolcissimo from Maxine Clark, p.60, adapted Prep time: 30min. . Ingredients (yield: plenty): 100g almonds, peeled 200g whole hazelnuts 100g unsalted pistachios, peeled 2 large egg whites 250g Acacia honey 1 vanilla bean (scraped out seeds) 200g fine sugar 3 tbsp syrup (sugar/water mix 50:50) optionally: wafer papers for baking

Torrone Italian nougat candy ..."At a wedding celebration in Cremona, Italy in 1441, a delicious sweet made of nuts, honey and egg whites was featured. It was fashioned in the shape of the famous tower of Cremona known as "Torrione" ...hence the name torrone." traditionally French but with a twist Lavender honey nougat