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blonde unicorn and pizza cat, together forever, frolicking in another universe throughout the galaxies and dancing among the stars. spinning and swirling around, like they used to as dino and delfino. always love

Marceline, my ULTIMATE CHARACTER FAVORITE she is like my alter ego. gotta love her!<33333<333333<3333★*☆/★*☆♪★*☆♪★*☆♪★*☆♪★*☆♪★*☆♪★*☆♪★*☆♪/★*☆♪★*☆♪★*☆♪★*☆♪★*☆★*☆♪

Adventure Time! I lo e how in season 2 episode 4 the vampire king looks at Gunter and is like "you are the darkest soul I have ever meant."

Finn & Jake <3 *****************************************this show is everything good and weird in the universe (+ the art style is awesome! *MATHEMATICAL :)*