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Photographer Lessy Sebastian has taken these images of frogs in his back garden in Jakarta, Indonesia. Picture: Lessy Sebastian/Barcroft Media (via Beautiful Frogs - Telegraph)

My own Durex commercial

Funny pictures about Durex Commercial (compilation), tagged with commercial, condom, durex, kids posted in Gags

ah grumpy cat

Funny Pics with Captions Photos) grumpy cat memes - Cat memes - kitty cat humor funny joke gato chat captions feline laugh photo

Bumble bee arrow frog or yellow-banded poison dart frog )Dendrobates leucomelas), native to Peru.

Bumble Bee Arrow Frog (Yellow-banded Poison Dart Frog) - Dendrobates Leucomelas - Native to Peru

20 Cool and Geeky Restaurants That Have a Sense of Humor - TechEBlog

Sometimes, we all need to go out and enjoy a nice meal, even geeks. Before you head out to your favorite restaurant, check out some of these cool and geeky places that clearly have a sense of humor.-----Amazing restaurants who share my sense of humor

Abraham Hicks - Law of attraction

Abraham Hicks - Law of attraction


Number especially made me laugh. I try to be a good Christian, but I've forgotten and dogged right in.

More things you may or may not know about Frozen. #disneyprincess #frozen

More things you may or may not know about Frozen

Pinning this because of the info about the "Let it Go" lyrics. Wow--in an age where God's Name is used as a meaningless expletive, this is huge.

El Trii

Jabba, Freddo and Kermit, three green tree frogs at Wild Action zoo in Victoria, Australia. A frog sandwich might not sound the nicest of things but one glimpse at this green trio is sure to have you going aawww

Результаты поиска изображений по запросу "Funny Frog"

Funny Frogs are looking very beautiful.In the summer season here so many frogs move around where and there,Frogs color are black and yellow.

~ Midnight Farm ~: The Witch's Garden ~

I want a toad house! Making a Toad House DIY. Pinner wrote: I made a nice little place out of a broken pot and an old brick, for the toad that lives in my garden. He's gotten kind of territorial about the whole thing.

Miss Josie Dear: 5 Reason Why I Randomly Cut Off My Hair

Back-story: I had spent the last three years trying to grow my hair out from a bob.

Grumpy cat - Shrek

If shrek can find love,so can you. What I'm trying to say is you look like shrek