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Plyam Chair with Minimalist Design has Won World Internation Design Competition

plyam chairs - yoshikazu moritake first Prize of the 'World International Design' competition by Andreu World source : stilepark

Comfy and cute.


onde compra este móvel?

Game Station: Page from Funny Pictures Another great funny picture called Game Station from lolpix.

Via Design Boom | Made by my brother-in-law): Valentin Loellmann for Galerie Gosserez | Collection that is characterized by a working process similar to that in which mortise-and-tenon joints are used to connect hazel branches to an oak top. a mixture of sawdust and glue is used to fill and round off these connections

valentin loellman: fall / winter

Bench "Fall-Winter" - Valentin Loellmann - Furniture Design - Galerie Gosserez - The "Seasons" collection

The Economical Chair's design is such that during production of four chairs per 4' x 8' international standard plywood sheet there is absolutely zero waste.

A Chair Designed to Minimize Waste

Economical Chair is a minimalist design created by South Korea-based designer Seungji Mun. The Economical Chair is designed to minimize industrial waste.

Soto Leather Chair (Colored Edition) by Joybird

Soto Leather Chair (Colored Edition)

Artfully made and eye-catching, this iconic wooden chair will command attention and complement a variety of interior design styles all at once.


Simple Bright Furniture with Futuristic and Comfortable Design: Elegant Table Design Ideas Applied In Hammock Table And Dowel Chair Decorate.