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Carney: Obama Not Giving Up On Assault Weapons Ban

Charlie Chaplin speech from The Great Dictator. The greatest speech ever!

Silver Screen #ServantLeaders / Ode to Charlie #thisAmericanQuilt #art #cinema Charlie Chaplin filming the 1925 classic 'The Gold Rush' From the beginning it was meant to be a form of release for the people. Charlie Chaplins 1925 film The Gold Rush became a timeless film etching itself into the American conscious as it weaved a well-known story of an impoverished underdog who is without guile yet valiant and clever. Chaplins Little Tramp goes out to seek gold in the time of the Alaskan gold…

Charlie Chaplin, filming the 1925 classic, 'The Gold Rush' From the beginning, it was meant to be a form of ‘release’ for the peo.

"¿No nos han encontrado sin palabras los momentos más emotivos de nuestras vidas?". Marcel Marceau (22 de marzo de 1923 - 22 de septiembre de 2007)

Bip the clown. Marcel Marceau AKA Marcel Mangel Born: Birthplace: Strasbourg, France Died: Location of death: Paris, France

Omar Khayyam was a Persian polymath: philosopher, mathematician, astronomer and poet. He also wrote treatises on mechanics, geography, mineralogy, music, and Islamic theology

Omar Khayyam was a Persian polymath: philosopher, mathematician, astronomer and poet.

We have developed speech, but we have shut ourselves in...

Charlie Chaplin final speech in The Great Dictator. When Hollywood was actually standing for something, and wasn't afraid to stand against a dictator!

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Sophia Loren in Stanley Donen's Arabesque :: Every Girlie-Girl must own a pair of Pink Towels.

Power is only useful when you want to do something harmful, otherwise love is enough to achieve anything else

chaplinfortheages: “ The poignant scene at the end of his film “THE CIRCUS” - 1928 ”

Autochrome Portraits of Charlie Chaplin ca 1917 1918. "... Diventò subito un uomo con un’anima, un punto di vista.”

Autochrome color portraits of Chaplin as the Tramp taken by photographer Charles C. Zoller – between takes on the set of one of Chaplin’s films circa

Mr. Friedrich Nietzsche figured out that there is no good nor evil. He's definitely right. It is how it is, the universe doesn't care.

Nietzsche’s mustache can provide meaning to the life of even the most strident nihilist.

"Spanish listening": una página con más de 300 vídeos cortos. Hablantes de diferentes países hablan sobre los temas más diversos. Con el texto, explicaciones (en inglés) y tests de comprensión. Muy recomendable para niveles Básico 2, Intermedio 1 e Intermedio 2. http://www.spanishlistening.org/

Clips of native Spanish speakers from over 15 countries. Each comes with a transcript and vocabulary list. Awesome cultural info too!