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Blind contour drawing is a fun way to see how accurately we can draw when we observe something very carefully, by looking at it and not looking away. - Using a paper plate is a great way to accomplish this.

THIS IS BEAUTIFUL (CREDIT TO @NOTAPANICFAN noididnotjustrealizethatuserwasalreadyinthepictureandi'mjustchangingthecaptionnownohaha)

blamemarcel: “ around like OotP era genderbent!golden trio taking a nap from studying/planning shenanigans idek i kind of just wanted to draw girl!ron sleeping on hermione ” Found on lilabeanz tumblr


Praise Him Anyway Bible Reading Challenge

Welcome to the Praise Him Anyway Bible reading challenge! If you’ve never joined a Bible reading challenge here before, each day we follow the plan and read the passage. You can share what you are learning on social media or just keep it between you and God. My goal through the reading is to draw closer to Jesus, and I want that for you too!