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She was a squeaky-clean disney dream, the one parents were happy to see on their tween’s iPod. Then Demi Lovato hit the skids. Now, channeling the languid fall style of her brat-pack-era namesake, she discusses her ordeal with a spectacular hone

This is a huge problem in today's world. Women are no longer looked up to for their intelligence or for their achievements, but rather for how skinny they are or how they look. It's sad that the world values such unhealthy behavior. :(

This was always my favorite lyric of that song! That and how she wore converse with her dress and then I bought a pair of converse and wore a dresus with them.

from Seventeen

Demi's Secrets To Being Confident!

The beautiful Demi! Love the shaved head and purple/pink/blue ombre/highlighted hair! The Bandana is super cute too! OMG my fashion inspo