Yes, this man knows what's important...and by the pained expression on his face, he probably has several kitty claws buried in his skin. What a guy.

Now this picture is something else...

This is just so sweet! :)

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Here's more about the duck rescuer!

How This Man’s Epic Beard Saved A Duckling’s Life... this is so sweet :)

I'd do anything for my pets

Millie: A cooler cat then your cat will ever be.

These photos make me tear up. THANK YOU for saving all animals!

Mama Cat and her adopted squirrels…: Cats, Sweet, Adopted Squirrels, Baby Squirrels, Cat Adopts, Adopts Squirrel, Mama Cat, Kitty, Animal

A Man Found A Dead Fox Lying In The Street. When He Returned Later, He Was In Disbelief.

All animals feel. Never be silent. Act! *~❤•❦•:*´`*:•❦•❤~*

cats will be.......cats!

Fire fighter helps Mamma while her baby looks on. My heart just melted!

A normal Day at an Animal Shelter from Beginning To End. How Sad this is! We Let these Humans Do This To Our Animals? How Pathetic Humans Are? OMG. I want to do that who do these horrendous things to our beautiful Animals :'(

to pet your cat.

box cat


Black Cat Greeting Card by Lisa Parker - Witching Hour Triquetra Kitty Magick card

Awesome :)