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My vote: you loses it. Again.

Every Republican senator voted against equal pay for women in today's Paycheck Fairness Act Vote. Hold them accountable by sharing the Equal Pay Wall of Shame. The War Against Women is *real*

Republican Scott Brown voted to kill the Paycheck Fairness Act, a bill whose purpose was to help enforce the value of "Equal Pay for Equal Work." Brown added insult to injury when he called the equal pay measure a "burden." Do you think paying a woman the same as a man for doing the same work is a burden? Republican Scott Brown does.

The Paycheck Fairness Act was voted down in the House.

It's all a part of our evil plan! First, equal pay, then equal rights for all. Trans rights, gay rights, everyone gets rights!

It's all a part of our evil plan! First, equal pay, then equal rights for all. Trans rights, gay rights, everyone gets rights!

Women are veterans too. Vote these horrible Republicans out!

Unpatriotic Republicans call our Veterans "Takers" and CUT their Benefits.is this how "We" treat our Vets?

Does anyone even read the congressional record ??  The oppressed middle & lower class in the US only votes for change every 4 years...but change happens every time a vote is put to the floor !

Vote to make sure liars like this are gone! Senate controlled be the Demoncraps are our problem! Vote the Demoncrap liars out!

REPUBLICAN WAR ON WORKERS... Washington (CNN) -- Senate Republicans REFUSED to allow a VOTE on a bill that would GIVE Tax Breaks for companies that "IN SOURCE" jobs to the U.S. from overseas while ELIMINATING Tax Deductions for companies that move jobs abroad. Don't blame Pres. Obama when the road block is the Republican Party.

GOP senators block top Obama jobs initiative - CNNPolitics

Had Dems voted Nov 2014 we would have given President Obama a house and senate he could work with to end republican tax breaks for sending jobs overseas.

Election Day: Have You Voted? #AllVotesMatter #BlackVotesMatter

The importance of voting created many rights for the human race. Men and women could be treated equally theoretical and ensured that everyone's voice would be heard. Voting for both races was granted due to moderate ways of thinking in liberal societies.

Michelle, and the rest on the left! "When one way doesn't work you try another!" There may have been the right intent, but a road to hell can be paved with good intent. Some of those intentions (world politics and the wrong kind of national health bill) were not something most Americans are good with. Now can we try something different. Together. Probably not. You never do!

If the Dems treat Trump like the GOP treated Obama, it will be for the good of the nation/world ( and if that's payback, too? icing on the cake)

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