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  • Angelique Redington

    Something i would totally do!! maybe a great idea for finals week! LOL

  • Linda Smith

    Red Bull + Coffee= Great Idea!

  • Erin R.

    Funny stuff

  • Kailee Hovdebo

    Red Bull + Coffee… not sure why I think this is so funny lol

  • Amber Dion

    I don't even drink coffe, so Lori, this one is for you, darling!

  • Jaynee Odom

    Red Bull + Coffee…= Scary? My son and I once shared an "energy drink" (not Red Bull). At the same time we looked at each and said things like "Oh this is not good... I fell like I'm having a heart attack mom... My insides are both imploding and exploding... I'm supposed to go to work FEELING LIKE THIS???" We forever pass on energy drink experimentation!

  • Faythe Helder

    Red Bull + Coffee; gotta love caffeine overloads!

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