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whiskeysoaked:    and I waste a lot of time…

The time you enjoy wasting is not time wasted time.

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"Some people are old at 18 and young at Time is a concept that humans created" ~ Yoko Ono . so true. Age is a number. Time is an illusion

take time...because sometimes I need a reminder

I say make time.make time to enrich your soul to see things differently, and appreciate the abundance of life that God has blessed us with.

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Like rainbow sprinkles on vanilla soft serve ice cream

Reminder that what's in the past needs to stay there...whether yesterday or many years ago.

sometimes you just have to move on. Need to remember this more often. Don't bring yesterdays feelings into today.

I feel that this quote reflects one of the concepts of chapter one, to have an open mind. Chapter one talks about seeing and accepting different perspectives. Seeing others perspectives and listening to their views is necessary and should be practiced more because, one individual’s gender is not strictly black or white, we all have grey areas.

If you judge people you have no time to love them - Mother Teresa Words of Wisdom by Rocio Bacino

awww... if we could only truly realize this

In this post you will find some new Inspiring Quotes by Buddha with beautiful images. Buddha quotes are inspirational and will cheer you up. Feel free to sha

Yes Indeed! In fact I prefer it that way....nothing but Peace, Calm, Quiet and Beauty!! (alone time)

In fact I prefer it that way.nothing but Peace, Calm, Quiet and Beauty! (alone time)

thats right!!!  strong woman can go to school, work, and raise 3 boys full time... ALONE!!  :)

Good things happen to those who hustle life quotes quotes quote hustle