This company takes your childs drawing and makes it into a real toy.

21 creative consequences . . . all I can say is that I'm glad my Mom wasn't on Pinterest when I was a child! some of these are really clever ideas....I will definitely be trying some of these

have your child's drawings made into stuffed toys. totally doing this!

67 Books Every Parent Should Read to Their Kids.

this company takes your kid's drawing and turns it into a toy! amazing

Hand and footprints in ceramic clay for baby and child

Toy company turning kids drawings into toys - actually an awesome idea!

Custom gift idea! Have your kids draw something cute and then bring it to life. Order your own for just $89 at #cute

100 Ways to be Kind to your Child or Grandchild - I already do lots of these but there are more good ideas.

This is AWESOME! A custom drawing necklace!! Imagine your child's drawing as a sweet charm!

$15 Kids Shower

This baby tooth album is a nice way to display and save baby teeth. | 31 Products Every Parent Of A Growing Child Will Want

DIY - How To Create a Toy Car Letter

this is kind of funny:) Toy Ransom Box [Kids Chores] ~ Be Different...Act Normal Great way to teach kids to pick up their things.

For kids to put in pockets in big crowds. iPhone app to track them if you get separated. I like it better than the child leash idea.

Now they tell me....... Glue bath toy openings to prevent mold from getting inside and you from having to clean them.

Cardboard tunnels. What kid wouldnt love this? I will soon have a million cardboard boxes too! kids-stuff

great idea!

One of the best toddler activity idea websites. The ideas are simple, educational and allow for creative exploration of the child's own world. Highly recommend.

I must have one for my 2nd child

Hands to Remember---trace your child's hand every first day of school. wish I would have known this 12 years ago