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    Toni doll advertisement

  • Laura Taylor

    Toni Vintage Doll 1949-1953 The Ideal Toni doll was introduced in 1949 as an advertising doll for the Toni Home Permanent, she is made of all hard plastic, has a jointed body, the earliest dolls wore a nylon wig, she has sleep eyes usually in blue but other colors too, real upper eyelashes, painted lower lashes, a small rosebud painted closed mouth and was a loved doll by many little girls and today by doll collectors of all ages.

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This is a vintage doll pattern but the designs are so adorable!

Toni Vintage Doll 1950s Advertisement

The Ideal Toni Dolls were a promotional doll, connected with the Toni cosmetic company, she was sold with her own home permanent kit. Everything mother had to perm your hair, the Ideal Toni Dolls had the same. A permanent solution, made of sugar and water. There were also end papers and a comb, just as in the adult home permanent kits

Toni Doll Manufacturer: Ideal Price: $11.95, $13.95, $19.95 Description Toni doll made of all plastic with magic nylon wig that can be shampooed and play waved. Beautifully dressed. Comes with complete play wave kit. Choose from 14-inch, 16-inch, or 21-inch dolls.

Toni Vintage Doll 1950s Advertisement by Christian Montone, via Flickr

Saucy Walker doll..... i named my walking doll Elizabeth.... my sister's was Anne and our baby sister's was Rainy (?)

My sister loved these flimsy celluloid dolls. They were held together with rubber bands, and broke almost immediately.

old doll and barkcloth pillows...:) my mommy had this doll.. when she was little back in the 30's a nurse bought it for her and she thought it was ugly cause it had the knot on it's head where you tie the bow. She kept it in her suit case and i have her to this day.. She passed in 2003 she was born March 16th, 1925 ..

Ooooohhhhhh -- this is just like my doll trunk 'cept mine was white! I loved playing with it.

she laughs, she talks, she PRAYS?? Oh yeah, that would really fly now