Toni Vintage Doll 1949-1953 The Ideal Toni doll was introduced in 1949 as an advertising doll for the Toni Home Permanent, she is made of all hard plastic, has a jointed body, the earliest dolls wore a nylon wig, she has sleep eyes usually in blue but other colors too, real upper eyelashes, painted lower lashes, a small rosebud painted closed mouth and was a loved doll by many little girls and today by doll collectors of all ages.

Toni Doll - 1950s

Vintage Doll Pattern - Toni

1950s Play Wave Toni Doll

Toni Vintage Doll 1950s Advertisement

Toni Doll...I still have her.

Vintage walking doll.

advertising mascot dolls

♥ Vintage dolls

Not worried about the brakes as much as that huge scary red face hovering overhead

cute vintage doll


Kool-Aid Ad (1951).


REALLY Bad Hair Day!

Baby Dolls from the Sears Christmas Catalog, 1963

Excuses Nightshirt, 1971, Funny Vintage Advertising

A single stick will convince you~ 1930's retro ad

old doll

vintage ad

vintage doll ad-so cute!