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Afternoon Drive: Truck Yeah! (30 Photos)

Wolfie's Outdoor Camp. No camper, No tents. Just a Truck. Rim & Tire #Financing

Melancholic images that look like something out of a future post-apocalypse. A fantasy to survive the end of civilisation. I wont have any trigger warnings on this blog, so please browse at own discretion.

Young Money: How 6 Smart Women Became CEOs Before They Turned 30

We Salute The Heroes Of Special Forces. To commemorate their service, we have collaborated to release a limited “Operator Edition” F150.

[Pinned beneath the right rear tire, the skeleton's hand still remained. She felt a sudden shiver of sadness in her chest for the owner of those bones. He never stood in chance in those winter winds. The moment passed quietly in solitude.]