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Parnashavari the Forest Goddess: Healer of Contagious Diseases invoked at Tibetan Tantric religious gatherings. Associated with the Shavari tribe of ancient India, she wears a garland and skirt of thatched leaves. Central Tibet; 19th C. Pigments on cloth.

The Dakini Vajrayogini, of the Naro Khechari Lineage, Surrounded by a Ring of Flames Standing on a Double Tetrahedron within a Three-Storied Heavenly Palace. Tibet. 1800s.

Visited the Welcome Collection, The “Dance of Death” exhibit was the most fascinating to me, entwined skeletons in Tibetan Shri-chitipati, the medieval iconography of death, the “Danse Macabre”. Feverish skeletons dancing in morbid revelry, dancing or playing musical instruments; these scenes were meant to dissuade the public of overindulgence. Tibet

Cosmological Scroll, Rubin Museum: Geographic Origin Tibet Medium Pigments on cloth. This eight-panel, double-sided scroll presents diagrams exploring various aspects of the cosmos as described in the Buddhist text called the Wheel of Time (Kalachakra) Tantra. This tantra emphasizes the correlations between the outward appearances of the universe and the human body.

Part of a Cham Dance skeleton costume worn by Tibetan buddhist monks: Tibet, 19th-early 20th c. National Museums Scotland

Tibet | Amulet box ~ ga'u ~ copper, bronze and metal. Insert is an image of Buddha Avalokiteshvara with Tibetan inscription on the back | ca. 1900 | 275€ ~ Sold (Aug '15)