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This is an interesting photo as it gives a visualization how time can really be a weight that drags you down.

Abysses Impressive surreal captures by Julie de Waroquier, a very talented photographer based in Lyon, France. Beliefs Breathe The violence behind The weight of time Heart waves In between Three litte cats I wont… Continue Reading →

"Horas, horas sem fim, pesadas, fundas, esperarei por ti até que todas as coisas sejam mudas.  Até que uma pedra irrompa e floresça. Até que um pássaro me saia da garganta e no silêncio desapareça."  Eugénio de Andrade

Photomanipulation on the basis of my own photo. If you like this work or any other of mine, you can order the tutorial PSD file. For more info, please contact me at carasdesign Thank you very much for your time and appreciation.

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Illustrations by Cebu, Philippines based illustrator Niel Quisaba. His works has been featured in Computer Arts Projects and

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Oh how we humans wish to be immortal, So we could roam through timeless portals Why should not we die? Why should not we dread dea.

"Value does not inhere automatically in maturity or conventionality" means that just because one is older or more "normal" than someone else, does not inherently make them more valuable to society. This message comes across in Northanger Abbey when we see that Catherine's character is still heroic, even though she is young and doesn't really go with conventions of her time. Everyone around her seems very materialistic and shallow whereas Catherine is very imaginative and doesn't care for…

Gateway to Connecting: Reading with Your Children from Rediscovered Families

The Link Between Circadian Rhythms and Aging: Gene Associated With Longevity Also Regulates the Body’s Circadian Clock

Beautiful examples of double exposure photo from www.afinelineblog.com. I love this blog!

Photo credit: Bird Song poster, London Underground, via The Feather Collective. Original in colour. ° your kiss makes my heart skip a beat and my soul take flight.

C'est l'heure de la Sélection du Week end n°21 ! J'espère que vous connaissez maintenant le principe : une sélection de WTF, cosplay, retro, pubs, illust

[55 images] UFUNK – La Sélection du Week End n°21

Creative Photo Manipulation Photo manipulations are fun to create and fun to look at. Using photoshop you can do lots of creative and fun stuff.

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Time will keep going, so you have to make the most of what you have. Conor knows that his time with his mom is coming to an end, so he spends as much time with her as he can.


The Complete Guide To Your Insane Working Hours

Alan Watts. Wisdom. Time. Illusion. Now

A Break in Reality by ~xetobyte Digital Art / Photomanipulation / Surreal ~xetobyte, "Sometimes I feel like time goes by so fast.