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Butterflies 365: Raising awareness for Lafora Disease. Please visit to help!! #RareDisease

Cute unicorn with goat like features

The unicorn is a legendary animal from folklore that resembles a white horse with a large, pointed,spiraling horn projecting from its forehead, and sometimes a goat's beard and cloven became the most important imaginary animal of the MiddleAges when it was commonly described as an extremely wild woodland creature, a symbol of purity and grace, which could only be captured by a virgin.its horn was said to have the power to render poisoned water potable to heal sickness.

Goddess Kupala ( Slavic ) She holds the mystery of the language of trees and is connected with fire-flower of the fern, which blooms only one night a year. She renews her virginity yearly.

Unicorns - The Gallery - Unicorn Artwork - Pegasus Images - Unicorn Pictures

L'enseignement à on comment voler est fatigant ! [ Teaching one how to fly is tiring!]

Prince and Unicorn - Remake by *JaneMere on deviantART

I've always been a sucker for the random standing door that leads to other places. Much like the nightmare before Christmas *PurdyGirl*

"Beautiful Unicorn in Snowy Forrest" Ethiriel Photography at

Unicorns are great beings I hear... I've not yet met one but I am sure the time will come sooner or later...