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Col. Elmer Ellsworth's bullet torn frock coat of the 11th Zouaves- Lincoln's friend and the first fatality of the war.


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Bloodstained coat worn by Franz Ferdinand when he was killed in 1914. The assassination triggered World War I.

Marching into battle, 114th Pennsylvania Infantry, Headquarters, Army of Potomac, Brandy Station, Virginia, April 1864.

Superb CSA Lieutenant Colonel of Staff officer's regulation frock coat and sash. Two 1 ½" five pointed stars are affixed to each side of the collar.


Seeking the Civil War's first martyr: Finding Col. Ellsworth's gunshot uniform

Gunshot uniform of Colonel Elmer Ellsworth, a 24-year old law-clerk and a friend of President Abraham Lincoln. Sent to Alexandria, Virginia, on 24 May 1861, the day after Virginia voted for secession - Ellworth was killed while removing a Confederate flag. He was the first Union officer to die in the war. Note the faded wool, the result of removing the bloodstains.

This is a stunning photograph from 1862. The image shows a Civil War Ambulance crew removing the wounded from a battlefiled. It shows a horse-drawn ambulance, and the Zouave uniforms of this unit.

Albert Woolson, union drummer boy died in 1956 at 108 yrs. He was the last Civil War veteran.

Confederate First Sergeant... Union cavalry surrounded a lone Confederate soldier who had no horse and whose clothes were dirty and tattered. A Union officer said to him that it was obvious that he had no wealth and not the means to own slaves. The officer asked: “Why are you fighting this war?” The Confederate answered: “Because you are here.”

Jennie Wade, Civil War, the only known civilian killed at Gettysburg as a bullet came through her home while baking bread.