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    relatable romney

    3y Saved to Funny haha
    • Sarah Pawlowski

      I am not one to voice my political views but this literally made me laugh out loud so i felt the need to share

    • Media Studies

      This relates to Henry Jenkins argument that media is effective in America's Democratic society. While the media output we receive takes on a humorous, and somewhat simple, image the media is still effective in getting Americans to discuss government and pressing political issues. There is still democracy in media, it just becomes harder to spot as it is disguised in memes such as this -T. Mitchell

    • Devyn Powell

      Relatable Romney meme - new favorite thing on the Internet, in real life #Romney #election2012 #politics

    • Lauren March

      Humor is humor people please don't go all knee jerk political on my hilarious memes. It's a JOKE.

    • Laura Gant

      I usually try to stay away from the exaggerated political humor but this did crack me up haha

    • Hope Burns

      Almost politically correct relatable Romney... heheh sorry it's bad but funny

    • Brittany Bilek

      usually dont post political stuff but this made me laugh so i had too

    • Michelle Donegan

      Politics in general. I don't know why this makes me laugh so hard...

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