Horse Slave Bracelet Western Wear Hand Chain Hand by JWBoutique1, $18.00

Victorian Cross Bracelet Ring Hand Chain Slave by JWBoutique1, $18.00

Colorful Owl Slave Bracelet Hand Chain Hand Harness by JWBoutique1, $16.00

Infinity Heart Hand Chain Slave Bracelet Jewelry by JWBoutique1, $18.00

Boho Slave Bracelet Hand Bracelet Bronze by BeUniqueJewellery, £8.00

Slave Bracelet Eagle USA Hand Harness Jewelry by JWBoutique1, $16.00

Silver Butterfly Slave Bracelet Hand Chain Body by JWBoutique1, $15.00

Tree of Life Hand Harness Slave Bracelet Hand Chain by JWBoutique1, $18.00

Dream Catcher Slave Bracelet Hand Chain Body by JWBoutique1, $17.00

White Rose Hand Harness Finger Bracelet Wedding by JWBoutique1, $18.00

Purple Owl Hand Harness Hand Chain Slave Bracelet by JWBoutique1, $17.00

Garnet Heart Hand Chain Slave Bracelet Hand Harness by JWBoutique1, $19.00

Armlet Slave Bracelet Arm Bracelet - I like this.

Turquoise Thumb Slave Bracelet by francisfrank

"rising" slave bracelet - lewleyns [matches the ear cuff!]

Swarovski Crystal Slave Bracelet with Ring - Victorian Jewelry - Wedding Jewelry - Victorian Bridal Bracelet, via Etsy.

Birthstone bracelets ,stacking silver bangle bracelets, gemstone bangle, bracelet ,thin bracelet, Bridesmaids gift on Etsy, $15.00

Vintage Gothic Red Rose Crystal Beads Palace Lace Flower Ring Bracelet, DIY Dainty Vampire Bronze Slave Bracelet,Bridesmaid Gift,Hand Chain

Gorgeous silver chain and Turquoise Thumb finger slave bracelet Adjustable Hand piece Native style piece Silver Feather Bohemian Festival

Chain Armlet Shoulder armor chain shoulder jewelry by Ninnos, $35.00

Bohemian Dreamcatcher Slave Bracelet Boho by PurpleFinchStore. $24.99 USD, via Etsy.