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Wedding Bands

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  • Jacky Chao

    Geekette Bits' friend had these Ethernet plug and port temporary wedding bands made for their special day. Call us geeky, but these impressed us much more than the typical wedding band or engagement ring. LOVE THEM!

  • Abigail

    Most amazing nerdy wedding rings by Geekette Bits, via Flickr

  • Thread Bare

    Geek Chic: wedding band(width). #geekywedding

  • Kayla Thornton

    Nerdy Jewelry & Gift Ideas from @Geekette Bits! Aww

  • Nicole Renee

    check out these geek telephone rings #geek #gift #nerdy #nerd #valentinesday #diy

  • Goodwill SA

    @Geekette Bits has the bright idea when it comes to #Valentines Day #gifts! #recycle #goodwill

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Identify your iPad/Macbook charger using rubber bands. Great for blog meetups, schoo, or other places where multiple people will be charging their Apple products.

my husband would love this, wonder if I could rig something like this up before VDay ...

Avoids having to make up a better story than, "I'm clumsy and got a paper of 10 this week." lol.