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Scarf and necklace all in one fun piece

fun way to tie a scarf

Handwoven scarf with extra long braid. Lots of fun color and texture in this one of a kind statement scarf by Amber Kane.

Lacey handwoven statement scarf adorned with braid and metal charms by Amber Kane. The perfect statement scarf for Fall

SUMMER SALE Emilyhandwoven cowl scarf in shades of by amberkane, $40.00

Blue and Grey Crocheted Infinity Scarf by amberkane on Etsy, $50.00

perfect scarf to add a pop of color to your outfit

Ruby pink orange and purple with braids and metal on by amberkane, $200.00

the perfect scarf for spring

A breath of fresh air, draped around your neck

Big, knitted, chunky scarves are one of my favorite fall accessories. I need a bug chunky scarf in my life, they look so warm!

Black Teadrop and Gold Circle Lariat Necklace

SUMMER SALE Evergreen shades of green handwoven flair by amberkane,


jacket + scarf.

letter bracelet

SUMMER SALE Shades of Black white and Grey Handwoven by amberkane, $70.95

You're looking for ease, time, and more space in your life. You spend time taking care of your children and everyone around you, and often n... $250

Handwoven scarf in shades of pink yellow orange and by amberkane,