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    I am going to ask my husband



    • Tamara Pate

      This really is a huge pet peeve of mine...uggh, to my husband, who aint gonna look....maybe,,, stop it!,k

    • Erin Weimer

      Now isn't this the sad truth!--Thankfully this isn't my husband...but it's true of other people in my life. Guess I'm just old school and think it's disrepectful not to give someone your full attention when they are talking to you.

    • Karen Tate Roberts

      This is how I feel. It makes me so mad when people won't get off their cell phones while they are with you. Wait until you are done visiting and then you can get on it. That is SO RUDE!!! HAVE SOME MANNERS PEOPLE. I think that is my biggest pet peeve. What do they think we did before cell phones?

    • Patricia Steinman

      Relationships nowadays. So true. I hate when people try to have a conversation and one is on the cell phone.

    • Rebecca Tait

      Ahem ... See anyone we recognize here?? Notice I put this in True Stuff, NOT Funny Stuff ...

    • Jeannea Glessner

      So true! I love cell phones but where are the manners?

    • Angela Molomo

      this made me giggle...

    • Mary Breding

      Cellphone- so true!!!

    People also love

    ha - so true!


    Thank you bartending and serving for introducing me to inconsiderate, ignorant assholes everyday of my life. High point of my serving career? When a five year old treats me like shit on the bottom of his shoes, and his parents seem to approve. Thank you for sucking the soul out of me!

    Love this!

    I'm glad guys feel the same way I do about those stupid poses!!!

    Oh how I would LOVE to say this to people on the phone.



    I Don't Like You Pouch

    Very true

    ha so true

    so true.

    Google Afbeeldingen resultaat voor static.someecards...


    The hardest part of my job is that people want me to answer questions and know things at 7am.

    No names mentioned

    There are people on Facebook who fail to grasp the difference between "what's on your mind? and "you should talk to a therapist about that."

    Yep, get it together.

    Haha no, but really..

    i like my space.