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    Take the Pledge: Support ASPCA No More Pet Store Puppies Campaign!

    Please do not buy puppies from pet stores! These are typically puppy mill pets. Stop this horrific process!

    6 Bad Weather Boredom Busters.

    ...No one there! #dogs #pets #Pitbulls

    It's a lifetime responsibility..... If you can't fulfill your end of the bargain.... Don't have an animal in the first place! I see the impact on our beloved furry friends. Sorrow, grief, and always wondering what they did wrong. Nothing! How would you feel??

    No Pet Store Puppies!

    So true. Dream of a day when people stop being selfish and heart less.

    Love pit bulls.

    reality. don't support breeders ('professional' or 'backyard') or puppy mills and pet stores which sell pets. Educate yourself about homeless pets.

    australian shepherd puppies wallpapers for desktop | All Puppies Pictures and Wallpapers

    shiba inu puppies

    misunderstood puppy


    hugs :)

    Pit Bull Facts: Do YOU Know The Truth? - The Lazy Pit Bull


    STOP PUPPY MILLS! Hard to look at but it does tell the story. This mother dog was forced to have litter after litter. Please don't buy from a pet store or online. Adopt a shelter dog!

    no puppy mills!

    Ohmigoodness that's so sad I HATE animal abuse. It's soo cruel! I cry every time I think about it! If someone ever did that to my dog I would. Seriously probably break their face!

    ASPCA Donate

    3 Million healthy and adoptable dogs and cats are euthanized every year spay - neuter - adopt - be part of the solution.