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Pit Bull

Pit Bull - do something!

Do not buy your pets from a pet store - ADOPT!!!

ASPCA celebrates No Pet Store Puppies Day

Shopping for a dog at a pet store?

Everything you ever wanted to know about Pit Bulls and Pit Bull mixes. www.adoptapet.com

Enter this great ASPCA photo contest if you've got a Rescue Pet!!!

Pet Store Puppies Come From PUPPY MILLS !!!!

On Tuesday, July 21, the ASPCA will be celebrating national No Pet Store Puppies Day, and we're asking for your help! This is a great chance to educate your friends and family about what happens in puppy mills and remind them not to buy puppies, or any pet supplies, from pet stores that sell puppies—and adopt from a shelter or rescue group instead! Find out how you can help here: http://www.aspca.org/blog/july-21-no-pet-store-puppies-day

First Trip to the Pet Store. Ahhh cute!

Don't buy from pet stores or on line

A breeding factory is no place to spend Mother's Day, and that's why we're dedicating this Sunday to all the moms in puppy mills. You can make a difference this Mother’s Day by pledging to make pet adoption your first option. Most pet store puppies come from puppy mills, and by pledging to adopt instead of shop, you’ll provide a home for an animal in need and change a life immeasurably.

Are You and Your Pet Prepared For a Natural Disaster? - The Lazy Pit Bull

This is a puppy mill mama who was rescued. When you buy from puppy mills or pet stores you are encouraging this...

STOP breeding pit bulls!! So many of them end up in shelters and then get the death penalty! :(

A great way to store water for your pet!

Say no to pet stores. Rescue your best friend.

Stop animal cruelty! Don't buy from pet stores or breeders! Adopt from a shelter or animal rescue. Spay/neuter your pets! Donate! Volunteer! Care for them, love them, respect them!

Pet Care Infographic. It would be so great to send something like this home with everyone. We could make our own infographic from scratch with Jess's picks for advice - warm weather do's & don'ts, dental, vaccines, etc.#Animals #Pet #Health

Please do not buy puppies from pet stores! These are typically puppy mill pets. Stop this horrific process!