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Pollyanna in her Aunt's car.

Victorian Houses - Bing Images

GeorgePerkinsMarshBoyhoodHome_vt :: Marsh-Billings House (1805) – National Historic Landmark by origamidon, via Flickr

Pretty house and columns in New Orleans by loveitaly, via Flickr

CURB APPEAL – another great example of beautiful design. Ashdown House.

Pollyanna Whittier. I still have my baby doll that I played Pollyanna with! Put it in my mouth and climbed along the edge of my sisters loft bed and then dramatically fell to the ground. I'm realizing was no hope for me to do anything else with my life by act.

"Pollyanna". It’s known as the McDonald Mansion and was built in the late 1870s by Col. Mark Lindsay McDonald, owner of Santa Rosa’s water company. Producers couldn’t find a three-story house that would work. The solution? A little Hollywood magic.The filmmakers decided that the 14,000-square foot mansion could pass for Aunt Polly’s house–with a little help. The top two floors were painted on. That’s right. They were simply a matte painting added in post-production

Is it weird that I've always wanted to live in either the Home Alone house or the Pollyanna house?

ARCHITECTURE – another great example of beautiful design. Grand portico, Kings Weston House, Bristol