Aunt Polly's house, from the 1960 "Pollyanna"; interestingly, this house doesn't really exist but I have loved it as if it did for more than 50 years now!

House in movie, the Holiday

Meet Me In St. Louis - From one of my all time favorite movies, this is the house from Meet Me In St. Louis, starring Judy Garland, which supposedly took place right around the St. Louis Worlds Fair in 1904. The address in the movie was 5135 Kensington Avenue. Kensington Avenue was lined with stately homes and was constructed by MGM. It was known as St. Louis Street.

This is my dream house, right down to the front porch, the bay window, and the high gable. All that's missing is a white picket fence. I think I could live with the wrought iron. I agree@Eadaoin Flynn

Pollyanna house today photographed by Robert Ruiz

Is snow guaranteed for Christmas?

love the top floor

Queen Anne house built in 1895

The 'Annie House' (as in 'Little Orphan Annie'...the creator, Harold Gray, lived there) in beautiful downtown Lombard, Illinois (suburb of Chicago), another place where I spent a decent amount of time...lilacs aren't simply a flower...they are a way of life...

father | of the bride

Beautiful. This would be such a cool place to visit! I wonder if someone still lives there...

Victorian in Snow

Whether real or created through movie magic, we've rounded up our all-time favorite historic homes featured in films.

Victorian House - the round window reminds me of the half-circle window on Meet Me in St. Louis!

See, this is like a real-life Pollyanna house.

Sandra Bullock's house in New Orleans