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Please. I'm still so scared of falling in love , as i have seen peoples relationships fall apart - but to know that someone out there may accept me , see my imperfections as perfections , and look foward to seeing me - that would be just amazing.

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I wish I could do that when I get married but I don't know if I will even tho my dad is still alive but he has a back condition that maybe will get worst to the point that he could not walk :'(

DONE! no phobias here-like-at all. :D I still find things in life that scare me and feel overwhelming of course.

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I wish more people would remember this. It's so sad to see marriages crumble after having an elaborate, expensive wedding. It doesn't take much to be more beautiful than our quickie courthouse wedding. I wouldn't have had it any other way. ✔✔✔Complete!!

Already did 2 years ago in Gatlinburg, Tennessee over 300 ft in the air and ft long! I was the only one out of my whole family to complete all 7 zip lines! I loved the men who were there PAC-Man and Doc, they were the sweetest people ever! | Look around!