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Surreal Collages by Rocío Montoya

Art Therapy Idea of the Day: Matchbox Worries/Comfort Box via Connecticut Counseling Association- an intervention that is compact and carried around in your pocket. Get a matchbox or other small container.Sometimes it is better to put the negative emotion in the box and the healing message on the outside-- try it that way or reverse it so that the healing message is on the inside. Use drawing materials, include collage, beads and embellishments. Carry your comfort with you for when you need…

Paper Cuts by Joe Webb

Environmentalism and the Mind: "All of nature is intelligent and in constant communication with everything else," Jeff Warren tells us. "Wit...

Fantastic way of mixing things that shouldn't work. Experimentation is key with collage. I don't like creating collages without the main images being my own work, but it could be interesting to incorporate other work, old photographs, sketches, patterns etc

This is a great post by an art teacher who offers a variety of activities to teach collage -- including a session plan! Use it with Seniors earning their Collage badge (and note how some of the activities involve cooperative learning!)

This owl is done by Mandy Pattullo. Love her textile art! It's featured on My Paisley World