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Tawagoto Speaker_Gumi by on @DeviantArt

You better like this, I had to google that shit

You better like this, I had to google that shit, but anyways... Justin, get on your game u suck compared to Mrs. QueenOfVocaloid Hatsune Miku

I seriously want to yell at the whole world right now. I want to yell. But seriously, that would do nothing. The world never listens, so why even bother to try? Times like this, I just lock my door to my room and throw on my headphones and let the music speak for me until I've drained all my anger out so I can focus. In an odd way, the songs are the ones who yell that message for me. The thing that the people who never listen need to hear. Vocaloid helps, in an odd way. << this is perfect