Happy Veteran's Day! This reminds me of my daddy recollecting his old Air Force days. God bless all of our veterans!

We Are Soldiers Still: A Journey Back to the Battlefields of Vietnam by Harold G. Moore. $6.00. Publisher: Harper Perennial; Reprint edition (July 28, 2009). Author: Harold G. Moore. Save 60%!

How To Thank A Soldier, By George W. Bush.. a series of pics you will love.. He wasn't perfect, but GOSH I miss this man.

Serving through history

This a great read, and unlike the whining soldier, the Marine never disparages the Army. He simply explains a Marine's thought. Marine Corps Tattoos | Marine Sergeant's response to Soldier's claim of Marine arrogance


And am I eternally grateful for each and every one of them. <3


prayer - love this pic

the soldier, above all other people, prays for peace, for he must suffer, and bear the deepest wounds of war

For every serviceman and woman, there is a family left behind who wait for them... not knowing if they will come back. If you look at the patch on this man's arm, it says EOD. These men are the ones who risk themselves to disarm the bombs that kill many of our men. They have the a terrifying job and I am proud of the families that stand behind them and wait in the Silent Ranks.

I don't understand why the men £ women serving our USA aren't treated like the HERO' that they are.