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    • Alyson Olander

      You are not allowed to watch Star Wars until I'm sure you're old enough to hate Jar Jar Binks.

    • Juliet Sealand

      There we go. I've figured out what to tell my brother the next time he badgers me about showing my son Star Wars. (Of course, we'd start with the original trilogy, because that's also good parenting.)

    • Lorena Rodgers

      I don't now whether to pin this in Too Funny, Star Wars, or Important

    • Myllisa Kennedy

      Now I know why my husband hasn't shown kids the full Star Wars movies...

    • Kearsten Smith

      I wouldn't withhold Star Wars from my children for that long, but we will have anti-Jar-Jar talks

    • Samantha Muscia

      Star Wars parenting tips #starwars #jarjar... so very true!

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