• Ashly Collins

    Wall Picture Collage - modge podge and foam core board

  • Samantha

    Looks super cute. I love wall collages. Bits Of Everything: Wall Picture Collage

  • Colette Reinke

    modge podge photo board

  • Kristi

    I AM going to do this. I assembled 40 pics for a collage picture frame and it fell out of our hands and broke before we got it on the wall. This is perfect! -----------------------------------------------Wall Picture Collage -- For all the pictures you have and no frames for. Great idea...

  • Kerrylee Sinda

    Wall Picture Collage I have been wanting to hang something on the wall in my kitchen ever since we moved in. Between Emily and I, we finally dreamed something up after looking at lots of other people's photo collages- and I love the way it turned out. Here are all the things that I bought. (all found at walmart) This entire project was under $20. My kind of project! *pictures you want to use (I had free prints from Costco) * 2 20x30 foam core boards (I got two black ones $2.88 each) *poster hanger thingies ($2.44) *foam brushes ($.97) *double sided tape ($3) *mod podge (I already had some)  This shows you how thick the foam core board is.. First I drew out a plan.. Then I cut some computer paper first, and made sure it would work before I cut up my pictures.  Then I went to work cutting my 4x6 pictures into 4 inch squares.  I then laid them all out on the floor in the order that I wanted them, and then taped them down with double sided tape.   Then I took it in the kitchen and painted mod podge all over it.  This is the scary part... cause it feels like you are about to ruin the pictures! but don't worry.. it does dry clear. I had glossy mod podge that I've had since high school-  but I wish I would have used matte mod podge. My dried collage glares a bit, and the old stuff was chunky.  I have since bought some matte stuff, but I don't know if I dare go over everything with another coat. I let it dry overnight.. and hung it up the next morning. Here's the view from the living room....

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