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    Non-profits help give homeless children a happy birthday - "A kid may savor that experience and remember it as very special, but their situation is very scary and often long-term," Bassuk says. "A lot of these families are residentially unstable for long periods, and that's very hard on the kids."

  • Megan Carolan

    1 in 45 US children is homeless. Meet some awesome organizations throwing them birthday parties, and spreading some love.

  • Volunteers of America Western Washington

    Our Brightening Birthdays program was featured in this USA Today article.

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provide birthday parties for homeless children in Indiana, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Georgia, San Diego, and Ohio. What an awesome charity idea! This might tbe the difference for a homeless child ro parent - have or for their child to have a birthday party, just as little children should.

My philosophy. Plain and simple. We don't love kids for who they will be someday... we love them for who they are right now! ~G. Ertel

The costs of the proposed cuts for our kids. Dang. :(

Now, in analyses of long-term data published in recent months, researchers are finding that while the achievement gap between white and black students has narrowed significantly over the past few decades, the gap between rich and poor students has grown substantially during the same period.

That’s approximately how far the abortion rate fell among a group of women in St. Louis when birth control was simply given away for free. The drop in the teen birth rate: 81%. A study by Washington Uni. 9,000 women — many of whom were poor or uninsured — were offered a choice of contraceptives at no cost. Most ended up getting IUDs or other implants, which are the most effective options & are also usually quite expensive. But the drop in unwanted pregnancies more than made up for the expense.

"There is no reason that the zip code you're born into should determine your success or failure in school." - Naila Bolus, President & CEO, Jumpstart

Invest in millionaires or child care, education, women's health and seniors?

This infographic from Citizens' Committee for Children of New York shows effects of recession on New York City's children and calls for investments such as early childhood education.

For Whites (Like Me): On White Kids (Dear Parents of White Children, I vote that we strike the following from our parental lexicon: 1. "Everybody is equal." 2. "We're all the same underneath our skin.") Interesting Article, take a look.