horizontal/vertical--cool class collaboration for 1st grade. Have each student paint lines and let them dry...then add more details, then put them together as a class quilt...1st day of art?

How to paint floral abstract art in acrylics

Abstract Circles by karlagerard, via Flickr

rex ray rallenta puzzle

Dispersion Quilt

Drawing on text paper and outlining in white.

Colorplay V by Anne Lullie

Idea of giving each student 2 dots of their own (one to decorate with cool colors and one with warm colors)

Pick a silhouette. Cut magazine strips. I love this!!!

Great substitute lesson idea for art: Splish Splash Splatter:- ONE continuous line until paper is full. Then trace shape and color in monochromatic.- my class loved this!

color me happy

This, instead of a color wheel (which you'd still introduce and use as a tool so the class could put them up)

Popsicle Art

each student paints a popsicle stick and they are arranged to make a bigger piece of art. Great project!

Get Students to Create Their own Infographic Timeline That Demonstrates Their understanding Of Art History yr 10-11

Cool use of colorful lines to create a picture.

draw 6 triangles, make curved lines (happy faces) & color/shading, fill in other triangles w/curved lines (sad faces)

Kg Kandinsky Murals: Each class produced a mural. Each student cut organic and geometric shapes and assembled them into one interesting piece by arranging and overlapping. Each student then glued his shape to the mural. Students took turns painting "dancing lines" around the shapes.

Wonderful site with lesson plans from 3rd to 8th grade. This one is from their 6th grade silouette project using circles of color and individual outlines of students.

Struggling with teaching one-point perspective? This drawing lesson is super easy and offers lots of opportunity for your students to be creative and expressive.

Radial design then cut into 4ths and glue to white paper. Cool! (Don Masse lesson)