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Welcome to the index page of the Tarot Elements Celtic Cross Spread Tutorial Series. The index shows all the posts in the series, and includes an introduction into each part of the series so you ca…

The 10 Card “Celtic Cross” Spread

The 10 Card "Celtic Cross" Spread Use this spread to get a thorough identity of a situation/Querent. Card Card Obstacle. Card Past. Card Past. Card

tarot elements air and fire

"open ended tarot"

Tarot Card Reader, Life Coach, Aspiring Writer, Stay at Home Gypsy, and Nemophilist. Fascination with and study of: Tarot, Divination, Witchcraft, Druidry, Mythology, Megaliths, Cunning Folk, Cryptozoology, and High Strangeness.

Images Rider waite good quality "Pamela-A" (circa 1910) - たろっと骨牌(カルタ)専門 夢然堂

Not your Grandmother's Celtic Cross #MediumMaria