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How to fix shattered eyeshadow...pretty awesome!!

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Primer ojo aplicar

8 Pasos para Maquillaje de Ojos Marrones

Love how the blue gives it a little pop.

Eyeshadow: coral shadow on top, light blue in the lower inner corner, the PERFECT way to make blue eyes pop! Perfect for my eye color

intothestyle.es           AGUACATE-PALTA: su pulpa es muy rica en ácidos grasos. Excelente para mascarillas nutritivas y antivejaci...

Simply Sweet Skin Softening - Things you need: Coconut Oil Sugar Mason jar Essential Oils (optional) Unlike some home beauty treatments, which should be made in small batches and used immediately to avoid spoilage, this one keeps beautifully for months.

Mix your own nail polish colors using eye shadow and clear nail polish!

Pigment Tutorial Part 1

Custom color nail polish with broken eye shadow colors! Add about 20 drops of clear nail polish to eye shadow and you'll have a brand new nail polish color.

El vello indeseado puede transformarse en una gran molestia. Día a día mujeres y hombres en todo el mundo utilizan diferentes métodos de depilación. Por lo general se emplean ceras, cremas o pinzas y,

Cómo eliminar el vello naturalmente

Eyebrows are one of the most defining features of your face. Giving a perfect shape to your eyebrows can help open up your face, and make your eyes look bigger. Thick and heavy.

Smokey eyes

Dark Silver for brown eyes. Want that evening smokey eye for a dark colored or black outfit? Use this step by step guide with for a silver smokey eye.

How to HAC (highlight and contour) your face…she even tells which brands of makeup she really trusts when it comes to hac-ing

How to HAC (highlight and contour) your face.she even tells which brands of makeup she really trusts when it comes to HACing.I've pinned a video by her on HACing, but I like this description better

Get a clean container. I used a sample jar but you could also use an old eyeshadow pot, contacts case or even a tiny zip lock bag.    Recipe/Formula (you can double or triple this based on the size of your container)    1/2    Teaspoon All Natural Chapstick  1      Teaspoon Cornstarch  1 1/2  Teaspoon  Liquid Foundation (whatever you have on hand)    Run the chapstick under warm water for a minute before you add it so it mixes easier.  Put all the ingredients in container and MIX WELL.

DIY:: Eyeshadow Primer (Urban Decay Primer Potion) Knock-off. tsp natural chapstick + 1 tsp cornstarch + tsp liquid foundation, all mixed together.

Mix one part Dawn dishwashing liquid (the plain old blue kind, in the big bottle that usually sits on your sink), with two parts hydrogen peroxide (available at any drug store), pour it directly on the stain, and watch it disappear

I need to try this! Spot Remover: Mix 1 Part Dawn Dish Washing Liquid w/ 2 Parts Hydrogen Peroxide (Pour or Spray Directly on the Stain)