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Eyedropper Painting for Pincer Grasp Practice! Would work great on coffee filters. Also would cool to cut out squares of white cloth bound with masking tape on the edges so the paintings are easy to hang or frame.


DIY Q-Tip Printmaking

Q-Tip Printmaking. Could also use as station during art parties. (both, vision, art project)

Credit Card Art ~ Painting and scraping Rainbows

Credit Card Art for Kids.what ever happened to good old fashioned paint brushes. You could use those credit cards to buy some! e-commerce, online retail outlets, online shopping, credit cards

Vocab cards for teaching landscape vocab

Vocab cards for teaching landscape vocab

Sudsy goop for a fun and scented playtime. Wonderful consistency..#sensoryactivities

Sudsy goop for a fun and scented playtime. Make soapy water with a few squirts of body wash or baby wash Add sudsy water to cornstarch Mix until you get a batter like consistency. Add Food Color or Kool-aid for added color/scent

Preschool Picassos - Shape Art Project - from Play to Learn Preschool

Preschool Picassos - Shape Art Project - from Play to Learn Preschool. This is a great STEAM activity. This would be great to pair with a Picasso book!

Painting With Marbles

Painting With Marbles

Jackson Pollock Painting with marbles/ Moonfrye DIY/ Art Crafts/ Paint Crafts/ Crafts for Kids/ Kids Art Projects

upcycled plastic bottle cap wall art

Looking for fun bottle cap craft ideas? You're in luck! Learn how to make bottle cap wall art that can be displayed anywhere. This is a fun and easy craft project that's sure to spice up your space. Use embellishments to create a unique piece.

can't wait to try this! trying different types of art is great for keeping interest.

Salt Painting

For today& fine motor activity I decided we would do a bit of art. I have always wanted to try the salt painting method so decided to tie it in with some awesome fine motor practice.

Fun Non-messy Painting Craft For Kids. Put Paper In A Big Ziploc And Paint Drops. Have Fun !

Mess Free Finger Painting for kids! thanks from maria frazer. Paint into Large Ziploc bags with a piece of paper in it. Then tape the whole thing down and let the kids play. No mess, because the whole thing is contained in a ziploc!