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    Paul Wellstone

    paul and sheila wellstone.

    Paul Wellstone

    - Senator Paul Wellstone

    Ron Paul Super Idiot

    RIP Paul Wellstone

    terrifying, but I believe this is completely true...

    We MUST

    ~~Lord, please save us from obama politics!

    Recent US presidents have signed more executive orders than most people realize to get their agendas across. This is in part due to several recent spineless congresses. Our politics desperately need an overhaul . . . like yesterday!

    Socialist = Progressive = Slaves #RonaldReagan #Obama #Progressive #Liberal #Democrat #Politics

    "Our military is infiltrated by jihadist sympathizers. The Cabinet is populated by individuals willing to submit to Islam & settle for DHIMMI status. Terror training camps & operational cells infest the U.S., poised to strike. Credible intel indicates the next strike will be much worse than 9/11. Incredibly, The U.S. Government sends billions of dollars every year to countries actively sponsoring global terrorism,The U.S. extends the rights of citizens to enemy combatants in our own courts..."

    That precious little life, my heart breaks for all the murdered babies. Feeling my own 17 week baby kicking inside my belly, I can't imagine how anyone could decide to kill their baby. Life is precious, just because abortion is legal does not make it right.

    Words to live by


    "Like so many people, in so many countries, who started out to 'spread the wealth,' Barack Obama has ended up spreading poverty." ~Thomas Sowell

    Supreme Court Justice Breaks Silence – Rips Into Media and Barack Obama - The Ulsterman Report

    Politics and secrets we need to know whats going on.

    The Patriot Act...

    True to his word, he has done just that. The problem??? How can oe tellhis BS from his truth? Listen and watch. He's warning us about all his treachery!!!

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