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What are the most important things you can teach your young son? I want our sons to learn to look after others, to be mindful of the world around them, and to be ready for their calling when God gives it. So here are 12 valuable lessons to pass on to your

So how do you grow closer to your son? How can you know what he's thinking and how he's feeling? FREE Printable: 21 Questions Your Son Needs You to Ask Him

Life lessons


50 things I want to teach my son...with a few minor tweaks

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You know you are a mom of boys when...

One of my best supervisors said I didn't need to "explain myself," I could / should just explain the situation. 1.29.14

Be the best parent you can. Try using these parent challenges to reconnect. I need this right now!

What Every Son Needs to Hear

A mother's love. (:

Making me cry

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20 things a #mother should tell her #son This is GREAT! #life #lessons

5 Reasons Kids Lie: and How to Teach Them to be Honest! Part of the Teaching Kids About Character alphabetic blogging series at One Time Through. #honesty #lying #alphabetphoto

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Boys Will Be Boys.

Much better than "how was your day?"