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Katy Perry

One of the main reasons I love the movie "Up" because of the true love that exists between Carl and Eddie. I always wanted a husband like Carl who loves me for whom I am. Now, I have finally found the husband of my dreams, who married me with his true heart.




Russell Brand....I do not care what anyone says. Russell you make a girl swoon

So true! Also, think I need more alone time than most people....maybe that's why I enjoy being single so much.

on Russell Brand after their divorce

beautifully put..

absolutely everything


Why i need feminism


∂٨٥٦. . .

<3 love him. His concerts are some of my best high school memories!

We may not have lasted like we thought, but I just want t say, "Thank you for reminding me what butterflies feel like!"

Pretty much

who ever made this is awesome