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This has happened SO many times!

Hello/Goodbye doormat. Just make sure you don't turn it the wrong way.

I heard that people don't actually laugh out loud when they're on the internet, when i see things like this, I assume they are liars, because I do seriously lol.

lafawnduh! adorable little kids in costumes - heaven help the people that understand this one.... truly a lol for me

so she said... And I think I have problems getting people to babysit

Pitch Perfect(: when your 9 year old brother asks what every new word he learned from Pitch Perfect means... And then quotes all the quotes with you! #lovemybrother #hisnameisjackson

because no one does Alan Rickman like Alan Rickman.

Such a Beautiful Bathroom! *bellaMUMMA {inspiration for a beauty-full life!}: home inspiration: PALE PINK