end of the school year project

Perfect wording...doing this...

Amazing way to tell a child the truth about Santa.

great idea

great printables to make a school memory binder to organize papers and pictures from preschool through graduation

Grandparent Interview Questions | Do your children know the life stories of their grandparents? Let this printable and post encourage you to ask [the House of Hendrix}

This is awesome

Questions to Ask Each Year.

20 QUESTIONS to ask kids every year on their birthdays

Custom Printable End of School Year (any grade) Board Poster. Ah, FIRST year of kindergarten? Hopefully the only year of kindergarten. Anyways, this is awesome.

End-of-School Interviews for Kids...... Do this each year through high school or even college. Bind into a book and give as a graduation present.

"Oh the Places You'll Go," This father had each of his daughter's teachers, coaches, and principles write her a note and gave this book to her on graduation.

Birthday interview: do this each year and then make a book - one day ♥

Really cute idea for a family gift from your kid.

I love this idea for helping to motivate kids to help out with the extra chores that get missed most of the time

What a great idea for graduation gifts: i dont have kids but a good idea for my neice. She has like 10 more years of school

Fun to make for each child!

Glitter-sprayed Tooth Fairy Money. Wish I would have thought of this months ago.#Repin By:Pinterest++ for iPad#

A Year of Dates for the kids. Cute

Great idea for your own kids or as a baby gift--a file box that contains already-made hanging folders for a child's entire life until high school graduation! That way, all that's left to do is put important papers inside, and it makes a sweet and useful gift to give the child when he/she leaves home! I've made one for our child, and now I'm just impatient to find things to put in it!

Toddler/Preschool Discipline System - Great for children to see pictures during the years they can not read. This lets the children see where they are during the day and where they SHOULD be.