Don't settle for less...

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epic shit

my life


well said

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make shit happen

shit happen

remember this

my life

so true

quit slacking

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make it happen

Do Epic Shit.

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I don't say we OUGHT to all misbehave but we ought to look as if we COULD!

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Truth. @annee1022 @sarajanesmith thought you 2 would like.

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new life

my life

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"If you're going to be weird..." - this IS my mantra - every. single. day.

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being weird

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confidently weird



slow down

remember this

make time

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It's not about ideas, it's about making ideas happen.

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yes, yes it is.

people agreed

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some people


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silence bs

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eleventh commandment

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remember this


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11th commandment

Yes, lets not pretend,no one likes a homewrecker but keep telling yourself you did my husband and kids a favor by cheating with him!!!

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fuck u

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My aspirations....

travel adventure


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jack o'connell

jack kerouac

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I must remember, this is my true style, a part of me I was born with. I've got to remember who I truly am and never let the events in my life lead me to actually worry again. Amen

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remember this


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my life


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Old enough to know better. Young enough to do it anyway. #youth #quotes #experience #child

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@Savanna Bottles...for you from faul.

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We are superheroes and rockstars.

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Don't mind if I dooooo.

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