I wish they made smaller, because they are expensive for favors, but I will still pin:)packaging. Mast brothers chocolate

センスの良い彼に贈りたい❤ オシャレな【板チョコ】集めました

Mast Brothers Chocolate -- great example of beautiful graphics with a high end design feel. definitely a high price point for chocolate bars, but has an expensive brand feel

boro futon cover which most likely was originally made in the late 19th century

Japanese quilt at Sri, a textile gallery in Brooklyn specializing in antique Japanese folk textiles, highlighting the indigo-dyed cotton utilitarian fabrics and boro--or patched and mended--textiles of old Japan.

「イラストを使ったデザインのアイデア イラストレーションを効果的に取り入れている作例と配色を特集」

おすすめのデザイン本「イラストを使ったデザインのアイデア イラストレーションを効果的に取り入れている作例と配色を特集」: DesignWorks Archive