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50 Examples of Lion Tattoo | Cuded

"we live with the scars we choose" this quote...very good reminder....

Want this placement and maybe smaller print! Senza sofferenza non ci sarebbe compassione which is Italian for without suffering thered be no compassion my favorite quote for almost 11 years! Quoteslt;3 | tattoos picture spine tattoos

seashell tattoos | Recent Photos The Commons Getty Collection Galleries World Map App ...

Wheras lingerie is soon stripped of its glory, tattoos flaunt a timeless intimacy that requires a pleasurable pain to put on...

I shouldve gotten this as my lion tattoo... maybe theres ...

fox/le petit prince

My sunflower tattoo by ~xMarah on deviantART

Nice Wolf Tattoo | KYSA #tattoo #ink #women

xray flower tattoo

I am the architect of my own Destruction.

love the location & the simplicity. shoulder tattoo

It’s a quote from a 1910 speech from President Theodore Roosevelt that reads, “So that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who knew neither victory nor defeat,”

Butterfly Tattoo

Love the flower, different placement

Lion finger tattoo. I like this one, just not on my finger


If tattoos randomly appeared on your skin…

I speak of love that comes to mind: The moon is faithful, although blind; She moves in thought she cannot speak. Perfect care has made her bleak. I never dreamed the sea so deep, The earth so dark; so long my sleep, I have become another child. I wake to see the world go wild. - "An Eastern Ballad" by Allen Ginsberg #literarytattoo

blake lively butterfly tattoo from Savages

Combined elephant and octopus tattoo design. Wow! Vey unique. Great shading in tonal black and grey. This would make a fabulous shoulder tattoo, but be prepared for people asking questions! I love the tusks and appendages.



Freaking love this!