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Photo of Phemie Halling (my grandmother) in her Beauty Shop (Milan, Minnesota). Photo found in Arv Hus Museum.

One Room The Stoen Schoolhouse was built in 1882 near Milan, Minnesota. It was used as a public school until 1965, then moved to the Gibbs Museum of Pioneer and Dakotah Life a few years later where it was restored as a pioneer one room schoolhouse.

Welwyn Garden City

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When it comes to 'over-the-top' modern American mansion grandeur, this is still one of my favorites :: Grand Italiannate villa style. A private home in Minnesota (not a shopping area in Milan). TEA2 Architects.

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Milan Contemporary Four Piece Sectional Sofa with RAF Chaise by Broyhill Furniture - Rooms and Rest - Sofa Sectional Mankato, Austin, New Ulm, Minnesota area

If you are looking for something beyond the quick crafts of today's world and would like to create your heirloom, the Milan Village Arts School will offer you the classes you crave in silver spoon crafting, knifemaking, wooden spoon carving, watercolors, silver jewelry, rosemaling and much more. Milan MN