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Hand in Akash Mudra holding The Third Eye #intuition THE AKASH MUDRA The Akash Mudra helps to "center" your energies. It nourishes any part of your body that is lacking. THE THIRD EYE The third eye is known as the gateway to higher consciousness and symbolizes a state of enlightenment. #enlightenment #universe #soul #thirdeye #akashmudra ~ Scarlett Success helping people and businesses become emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually and financially successful

chicka is weird but im getting some pretty good ideas just from lookin at her stuff

Man in the Moon...I have a tattoo like this on my stomach..minus the lady and has a little star. Got it the day I turned 18. #moontattoo

This is the Hand of the Philosophers with their dear secret signs. First look at the thumb on which stands the crown next to the moon. The the Star with six points, stands above the foremost finger next to the thumb. Next is the Sun, standing above the middle finger. The 4th sign is the Lantern, standing above the fourth finger. The 5th sign is the Key standing above the little finger. The sixth secret sign is the Fish. It stands in the middle of the Hand and signifies Mercury.

Scroll up and down quickly and watch the hands dance. -by AOKI,Tetsuo[hand and hand]

“No no, make a pained hand, soooo good. Way better than the elegant hand. This shit better get reblogged.”

Beautiful scientific illustration. via The Caledonian Mining Expedition Company