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My favourite is this one, it's the best I've made and this is my owl picture and it looks as if it's flying over water with a reflection.

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There’s nothing like a brand new computer. It boots up in the blink of an eye and flies through tasks. It feels eager, sharp and poised. When your machine is in the first flushes of youth, it’s easy to love it and feel excited about using it.

air travel – Advantages of tickets booked before drive, takings the train or fly – these are really three options you keep when it comes to travel. Most nation compatible to spite the place. & # 39; to & # 39; As limb of the trip Sitting in a confined with peanut else to create with the abstraction of ​​anyone’s first-rate time. Flying … Continue reading

Look at veins detail on Flying Bat! Tiny things enable it to fly..- w 205 to 218 bones. DdO:) MOST POPULAR RE-PINS - - HOPE AND DREAMS. Tiny things in our lives often lead unexpectedly to our great hopes & dreams becoming real. Creation is so INTRICATE - more than any computer- that Logic leads us to think about God the Creator Who PROMISES FAR Beyond Your Dreams - Ephesians 3:20-1. Photo: amiantos.tumblr. Free HOPE songs MP3s at…

Catelynn Lowell Praises Husband Tyler Baltierra in Throwback Wedding Pic: See Her Beautiful Dress!

Gothic Cathedral: Hopping back across the sea to Europe, this medieval mod comes complete with naves, stained-glass window, and flying buttresses. When it’s powered up in the dark, the windows glow

Avro Arrow: A 1950's Canadian supersonic all-weather interceptor that was way ahead of its time.. Its design and look were a radical departure from what existed at the time.. First to be designed by digital computers and had major parts CNC milled.. First fly-by-wire with force-feedback.. First high-wing design (copied on the F-15, F-22, Su-27, MiG-29, MiG 25 etc.).. First by-pass engine design.. and much more.. See the complete list after the jump..

Always the innovators, we proudly call Motorola one of our oldest clients...OMG remember this was as big as a house brick :)

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